Newsletter Update

Corporate papers filed.
Read the Status Report on this page.


Board sends letter to Henry Schacht, Lucent Chairman.
Read the Status Report on this page.


LRO Status Report As of 1/23/03

A lot has happened since our inaugural news letter was published.

We have filed in NY for incorporation, as a non-profit. Bob Janish has agreed to accept the position of Treasurer (at least temporarily) to get ourselves organized financially. We cannot cash any checks until we are incorporated, but we want to be ready. All of the expenses to date are being borne by the volunteers. (Web site costs, conference calls, travel, incorporation costs, etc.).  We are pursuing obtaining indemnification insurance for all Board members. The cost is unknown at this time. There is some reluctance to serve without this insurance. Unfortunately there is a basis for this concern.

As of last Friday, all registration should occur on the Web Site. Unfortunately, we have to ask all of you who have registered via the address to re-register. In doing this, you will have a password to access the secure area of the web site we are currently developing. Thank you for your understanding.

 The Board sent a letter late last week to Henry Schacht the Chairman of the Board of Lucent asking for a meeting to discuss our concerns and how we as retirees can assist Lucent in the marketplace. We are awaiting his response

 We have a volunteer that will be attending the NRLN (National Retiree Legislative Network) next week in Washington D.C.  This meeting has been recommended to us by the Telco’s retirement organizations.

 We will be adding more information to the web site to assist members in various ways: writing to congress, state legislators, committee chairman, newspapers, etc.

 We are actively looking for volunteers to head up various areas: Public Relations, Benefits, Auditing, Strategies, Government legislative watchers, etc. We need to unite the multiple viewpoints into cogent statements.  It would be extremely helpful if someone would head up organizing the volunteer areas.

 A concern has been expressed of who are these board members.  What is our background?  To attempt to answer these concerns we will be posting our biographies on the web site in the near future.

  There is a small group of volunteers in Denver putting together the outline for the role that the regional representatives should play. They include Dawn Truax, Bob Maurinus, Janel Seymour and Wayne Gibson.

 With so much going on and trying to coordinate the issues by e-mail and telephone we may very well have let some items go down the crack.  Please get back to us where you feel this happened.