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It is a sad reality that with the passage of time we often lose touch with former friends and colleagues who meant much to us during our working years. We may even be unaware of their passing.

The purpose of this page is to allow our members and visitors to be aware of fellow friends and colleagues who have passed. Where possible, we will show a link to their obituary.

It is our hope that many of our retiree families will want to take advantage of this service to honor their family member and to inform former friends and workmates of the passing.

To list a friend or relative who was a retiree, fill out this form.

The best information to provide is the URL of the obituary or the name of the newspaper and date of the obituary. In the absence of that, please provide whatever information you have available about the retiree. Name, date of death, and name, email of submitter are required.

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Number of members found: 369

PATRICIA A ADKINS 1940-05-31 2016-02-26click here COLUMBUS
HOWARD M ADKINS 1928-06-05 2016-03-02click here Indianapolis
WILBUR AHLERT 1937-05-17 2016-09-06click here Western Electric/AT&T West Chicago IL
JOSEPH L. AIMAN JR. 1940-08-11 2013-09-05click here Reading Works
RAYMOND C ALEXIS 0000-00-00 2107-09-25click here Denver Works
FRED T ALLEN 0000-00-00 2010-09-17click here Oakbrook Il
EARLENE ALLEN 1930-01-21 2014-12-30  Oklahoma City Oklahoma
MARY S ALTON 1930-08-07 2017-09-24click here Shadeland Ave. Indianapolis Indiana
JOSEPH ANCONA 0000-00-00 2015-06-21click here BALLWIN
RICHARD B ANDREWS 0000-00-00 0000-00-00click here
WAYNE D ATKINS 1938-01-01 2015-06-03click here COLUMBUS
LYNN K AUSTIN HOLBERT 1958-07-01 2011-09-20click here Atlanta Works
JAMES BANGART 0000-00-00 2014-03-29click here TELETYPE
ALBERT (AL) E BASEY 1937-05-08 2011-10-14click here United States
RONALD BATTAGLIA 1946-04-14 2014-01-14  Rolling Meadows
ESTHER BATTISTA 1925-04-25 2016-11-24click here New York
PETER B BEACH 1920-07-22 2014-02-26click here Arlington Virginia
GARY W BECHTEL 1925-06-04 2014-08-17click here Indianapolis
WILLIAM F BEECK 0000-00-00 2015-05-14click here Gateway Newark NJ
NORMAN R BEHLING 1929-07-27 2002-07-07click here Salt Lake City Utah
JOHN A. BELLEFEUILLE 1919-03-23 2013-06-09click here Merrimack Valley
DONALD L. BELTON 1029-09-04 2014-11-02click here Monroe La.
NICHOLAS E BENSFIELD 1922-09-26 2016-03-25click here Cable Works Phoenix AZ
JEROME BERGAMINI 0000-00-00 2015-04-26click here
WILLIAM H BERTRAM 1926-01-01 2016-07-22click here Hawthorne Work (Cicero IL)
ANDREW H BESENDORFER 1926-10-06 2004-07-08click here Salt Lake City Utah
EDWARD BESTONE 1937-07-02 2014-03-01click here Gateway Bldg. Newark NJ
FRANK J BILY 0000-00-00 2014-04-09click here
JOSEPH R BLAIR JR. 1934-02-18 2015-11-23click here Norcross GA
JOHN R BOBST 1933-02-24 2014-02-06click here Sunnyvale CA
GAIL, HOPPY L BOMGARDNER 1943-12-04 2015-12-30click here Oklahoma City
E. WAYNE BOTNER 1931-06-03 2013-04-20click here DENVER WORKS
ROBERT E BOWMAN 1951-01-17 2013-12-28  Lisle IL
ROBERT E BRADER 0000-00-00 2015-01-31click here Network Software Center
ARTHUR R BRATLAND 1930-12-01 2014-03-25click here Naperville, Il.
JAMES J BRESLIN 1937-01-01 2015-01-01click here
ARTHUR A BRETT 1932-09-19 2015-08-08  Allentown PA
OLGA BREYAN 1927-07-18 2017-04-02click here Kearny NJ
ROBERT J BRITT 1936-07-04 2013-09-19  New Jersey
ROBERT A BROWN 0000-00-00 0215-03-13click here
KENNETH W BROWNING 1955-07-07 2014-07-13click here mesquite
JACK L BUCKINGHAM 1936-04-27 2015-04-18click here
ALBERT H BUDLONG 1925-12-21 2016-05-25click here Bell Labs
PAUL R BUFKIN 1931-07-05 2014-07-23click here United States
CLARENCE V BURTON 0000-00-00 0000-00-00click here Norfolk Va
MANUEL CAMACHO 1929-07-02 2014-07-23  Alameda
HARRY L CANNON 1931-02-13 2014-04-27click here Shreveport Works
LAURA S CANNON 1933-10-01 2015-03-04click here SHREVEPORT
GREG M CAREY 1960-03-21 2017-02-22click here Naperville IL
MATTHEW W CARR 1941-11-27 2011-12-07click here Denver
JAMES L CARTER 1955-01-01 2014-04-19click here United States
MARTHA "SIS" J CARTER 1940-06-16 2015-07-16 
RICHARD M CARTWRIGHT 1937-02-04 2014-03-07click here OMAHA WORKS
DOLORES J CASE 1933-07-22 2017-03-08click here Allentown Pa
CLIFFORD L CASEY 1947-02-20 2003-02-17click here MESQUITE
EDWARD CEICKWICZ 0000-00-00 2014-04-17click here
HOWARD "RED" L CHEEK 1928-01-08 2013-06-22click here Lexington Road
DAVID R CHITTICK 1934-01-02 1995-11-19  Morristown NJ
MARGARET CIOTTI 1921-11-08 2013-10-09click here NEW JERSEY
DANIEL P CLAYTON 0000-00-00 2014-04-18click here Piscataway NJ
ALMA L COCHRAN 1928-05-28 2015-07-05click here INDIANAPOLIS
NANCY L COFFEY 1928-12-24 2014-09-16click here OKC Ok.
WILLIAM L COLE 1934-01-28 2015-09-13click here PHILA
RUFUS COLLINS JR 0000-00-00 2015-11-01click here Indianapolis
CLAY C COMBS 0000-00-00 2015-01-25click here
DONALD K CONOVER 0931-07-21 2017-03-28click here
OTTO CONZELMANN 1923-01-23 2005-05-13click here
MARY T COOK 1930-11-09 2014-05-02 
LEXIE L CORDELL 1924-12-01 2013-12-07click here Shreveport LA Works
LOUIS COSTELLO 0000-00-00 2014-07-28click here TELETYPE SKOKIE
GEORGE W COULTER 1919-01-25 2014-11-13click here OKLA. CITY WORKS
ARLINE O COWELL 1922-07-06 2014-08-07click here BTL
CORNELIUS (NEIL) L COYNE 1930-11-06 2013-03-24  Morristown
ELMO L CRACRAFT 1921-09-09 2011-08-01click here Salt Lake City Utah
RALPH F CRAGGS 1933-10-10 2004-08-21click here Salt Lake City Utah
NEAL E CRANDALL 1933-01-01 2015-04-05 
SUSANNE CRENSHAW 1942-03-17 2015-06-11click here Oklahoma City Works
DANIEL E DARNELL 1950-09-29 2015-01-19click here Altamonte Springs
JOSEPH W DARNELL 1947-01-14 0000-00-00click here BELL LABS COLUMBUS
ART J DAVIE 1940-07-28 2014-09-20click here AT&T International /Lucent Tech
WILLIAM R DAVIS 1947-09-12 2014-10-02click here Naperville IL
ROBERT G DAVIS 0000-00-00 2014-10-27click here SHREVEPORT
FRED R DAVIS 1936-04-25 2016-01-06click here Western Electric/Pacific Bell
CHRISOPHER J DAVOLOS 1957-05-09 2014-04-01click here Naperville
ROBERT P DAWSON 0000-00-00 2014-10-18click here
LOIS "JEAN" DE TRUDE 1931-04-21 2015-07-13click here iNDIANAPOLIS IN
MORRIS G DEES 1925-09-15 2013-06-05click here Oklahoma City Works
DONNA DEGREY 1937-06-15 2013-04-18click here Salt Lake City Utah
GERALD F DESIMONE 1933-05-21 2016-02-10click here Allentown PA
WILLIAM E DEVOIR 1942-02-14 2006-01-14click here Merrimack Valley Works
ANNA F DODIER (HEFFLER) 1930-08-21 2014-04-22click here No. Andover Ma.
JOSEPH L DOERR 1919-00-00 2013-06-13click here Newark NJ Gateway II
PAUL DOMI 1932-05-17 2015-07-22  INDIANAPOLIS WORKS
(WILLIAM) PAUL DONNELLY 1940-07-05 2016-07-05 
HELEN L DOVER 1935-07-08 2010-10-09click here Alpharetta FOC
JOSEPH S DRAGAN 1929-01-06 2014-06-10  READING
DONALD H DRAPER 1928-09-21 2016-07-03click here Portland Oregon
ROSALYN L DULIN 1967-06-01 2013-11-13click here Sunnyvale CA
EUGENE (GENE) F. DUNN 1932-12-11 2014-03-16click here
OWEN M ECKERT 1943-12-20 2015-06-28click here COLUMBUS
ROBERT J EDELMAN 0000-00-00 0000-00-00  Parsippany NJ
WALTER J EHMER 0000-00-00 2013-06-19click here Atlanta
ROBERT F EISELE 0000-00-00 2014-02-14click here
RUTH EMBERG 1928-09-26 2012-03-01click here
KENNETH E ENGLISH 1946-06-16 2013-11-27click here
CARL P ERICKSON 1940-06-17 2015-01-02click here NAPERVILLE
TERESA KAY ERRICHIELLO 1949-10-31 2013-11-20click here New Jersey
GILBERT ESPINOSA 1937-09-06 2015-08-14click here
RALPH FALKENTHAL 1935-11-13 2015-02-07click here
ALEXANDER FEINER 1928-04-12 2014-08-30click here Middletown NJ
RONALD L FICK 1937-06-06 2014-01-05click here Richmond Va
JAMES A FINEGAN 1931-12-08 2014-03-05 
WILLIAM L FIVEK 1929-01-13 2013-11-14click here NEW JERSEY
JOHN L FLETCHER 1930-07-02 2015-06-01click here iNDIANAPOLIS
FREDDIE FORTUNE 1929-01-01 2015-10-20click here SKOKIE
MARK SHERWOOD FOSTER 1932-09-30 2015-08-21click here Shreveport LA
CAMILLE FOTI 1940-08-26 2016-02-22click here Whippany NJ
EDWARD M FRICK 1938-02-15 2016-10-11click here Cleveland OH
THEODORE F GARVOS 1923-01-27 2016-05-04click here Teletype
EDWARD E GAYHARDT 2012-07-30 2015-04-26click here Point Breeze Baltimore MD.
DONALD R GEIS 1931-09-17 2017-05-05click here New York New York
HENRY P GERDING 0000-00-00 0000-00-00click here Springfield
ARLENE GEVAZA 1939-03-28 2013-08-28click here Liberty corner nj
STEVE F GILL 0000-00-00 2013-12-07click here
WENDELL GILLHAM 1926-07-03 2014-08-16  Shreveport LA.
JOHN R GIRARD 1920-09-19 2016-01-06click here Long Island NY
LEUVENIA (LOU) GLENN 1940-02-10 2012-01-21click here Martinsburg West
JAMES F GOEBIG JR 0000-00-00 2014-04-10click here United States
FRANK N GRAF 1945-03-25 2014-12-26click here
SAMUEL R GREENE 1925-11-06 2015-04-28click here Reynolda Road Winston-Salem NC
JOSEPH N GRIVOIS 1932-10-22 2015-12-05click here COLUMBUS
HAROLD B GUERCI 1918-11-18 2015-08-31click here Bell Labs Murray Hill NJ
DETLEV G. HAENSCHKE 1927-09-17 2012-01-12click here Red Hill Road
MICHAEL T HAGAN 1940-12-06 2014-12-25click here Oklahoma City Works
NORRIS R HALL 1937-05-07 2014-09-06click here Indianapolis
AUDREY M HAM 1923-12-02 2016-12-09click here Winston-Salem NC
IVAN C HAMBY JR 0000-00-00 2015-05-10click here COLUMBUS
KENNETH D HANDY 1929-09-23 2015-04-23click here COLUMBUS
WADE K HANSHUE 1932-02-07 2015-12-10click here GRAND RAPIDS MI
DENNIS R. HARRISON 1952-11-19 2017-09-19click here
GAYLE W HARTZELL 0000-00-00 2013-11-08click here Reading PA
JOHN S. HAYES 0000-00-00 2014-02-07click here Reading Works
RUDOLF P HECKEN 0000-00-00 2013-12-03click here Merrimack Valley
CLYDE K HEDRICK 1952-11-02 2015-04-25click here Charlotte NC
GEORGE W HENDERSON 1930-01-01 2015-12-23click here
THOMAS J HERBERT JR 1930-01-01 2016-10-20click here Western Electric Kearney NJ
HAROLD R HIGLEY 1924-05-08 2008-04-08click here Salt Lake City Utah
CLYDE S HILL 1923-01-03 2015-07-23click here Salt Lake City Utah
ROBERT H HILLIER 1930-12-09 2015-05-12click here COLUMBUS
HOYT C HOILMAN 1927-01-18 2015-02-14click here Winston-Salem NC
RICHARD A HOOD 1938-11-20 2016-11-28click here
THOMAS R HULL 0000-00-00 2013-12-02click here Holmdel NJ
MARY M. HUNT 0000-00-00 2015-11-20 
FRANCIS E HUNTOON 0000-00-00 2015-12-03  Skokie Illinois
THOMAS IPOCK 1942-02-08 2014-04-08click here indianapolis
EUGENE B JACOBI 1940-05-13 2015-02-13click here NORTH ANDOVER.
CALLIE JANEY 1919-02-13 2014-07-13click here GREENSBORO
FRANK JARRELL 0000-00-00 2013-09-25click here Miami Service Center
ROBERT L JENKINS 1928-12-23 2015-06-10click here
ROBERT E JENSEN 1932-03-03 2014-10-24click here TELETYPE
JIM R JOHNSON 1937-05-29 2003-07-02click here Salt Lake City Utah
RONALD A JONES 1947-03-20 2014-02-18click here Sandy Springs Ga
WILMA JORGENS 0000-00-00 2009-04-21click here Warrenville IL
ERNEST S JURUSIK 1924-11-23 2015-03-05click here BELL LABS COLUMBUS
MARY J JUSTL 1956-04-17 2017-01-21click here
FRANCIS KAHANIC 1931-08-21 2015-08-23click here SKOKIE
IVAN J KAROLIK 1940-03-19 2015-01-31click here
WILLIAM W KEAN 1942-08-16 2014-01-28click here COLUMBUS
FRANCES M KELLERMAN 1929-04-01 2013-03-09click here Arlington Virgini
ROBERT KILGORE 1924-05-02 2014-08-31click here Singapore
LOUISE I KIMSEY 1927-10-09 2013-11-06click here Oklahoma City
HARRY KIPP 1930-12-01 2013-11-13click here New Jersey
DAVID P KIRKMAN 1932-09-16 2016-06-24click here Winston-Salem NC
ROBERT J KIRSLING 1924-10-08 2013-10-28click here Sunnyvale CA
OLGA M KLAUD 1912-01-24 2015-05-21click here HAWTHORNE
DONALD T KNOTT 1926-10-21 2012-01-09click here
STELLA KOCIURKA 1918-10-15 2014-02-16click here
EDWARD J KOLASA 1924-06-04 2015-03-22click here Teletype Skokie
LEO M KOLENSKY 1923-11-20 0000-00-00click here HOLMDEL NJ
ROBERT A KOSMAN 1945-07-01 2016-02-10click here Naperville IL
EUGENE A KRAFT 0000-00-00 2016-05-01click here COLUMBUS
CHARLES E. KRAUSE 0000-00-00 2015-10-20click here Columbus
GERALD R KRONBLAD 1912-07-06 2014-11-19click here MJ Railway Cicero IL
JERRY S KUSANO 1939-01-26 2016-06-30  Lucent Tech Alpharetta GA
JESSIE L LAROUX 0000-00-00 2014-02-14click here Shreveport La
ALFRED LASKA 1928-11-26 2017-02-03click here
EVELYN B LAWSON 1951-05-21 2010-12-06click here Rolling Meadows Il
DAVID D LEBER 1927-08-06 2015-08-09click here COLUMBUS
HARVEY R LEHMAN 0000-00-00 2016-02-12click here BELL LABS NSC
DONNA J LEIDOLF 1944-11-08 2016-12-12click here Naperville. IL
JOSEPH H LEPPERT 1928-10-06 2014-04-21click here LISLE
RICHARD LEUNG 1051-02-28 2016-11-24click here Whippany NJ (BTL)
HAROLD E LLOYD 1929-09-14 2014-05-29click here
JAMES A LOCKARD 0000-00-00 2015-10-23click here evansville in
ROBERT A LORD 1929-11-13 2013-10-26click here Merrimack Valley Works North Andover MA
JAMES L LOUDON 1931-01-01 2014-11-09  ATTI WHIPPANY
CHARLES L LOVELL 1940-10-27 2014-06-05  San Ramon California
RONALD G MACKAY 1944-04-10 1998-10-21click here Lucin Box Elder County UT
HARRY L MADDOX 1940-01-09 2015-11-19click here COLOMBUS
LOUIS (LOU) F MAHONEY 0000-00-00 2013-01-11click here MORRISTOWN
DAVID W MAKSYMCZZK 0000-00-00 2015-08-02click here BELL LABS INDIANAPOLIS
AUDREY C MALAN 1929-01-01 0000-00-00click here Hawthorne
RICHARD MANGAN 0000-00-00 2012-10-30click here
SHARADA MANI 1951-01-15 2013-11-10  Naperville IL
MARGARET MANSFIELD 1949-04-05 2007-03-30  Guilford Center G
VINCENT N MARRONE 1935-03-10 2009-06-13click here New York City
MORRIS F MARX 1936-10-27 2010-03-24  Atlanta Georgia
EARL MATHIAS JR 1932-07-04 2015-10-07click here COLUMBUS
HAROLD W MATTHEWS 1930-08-28 2014-06-19click here Indianapolis
JANICE MATTHEWS 1939-05-01 2016-05-08  Columbus
JAMES C MCCONNELL 1928-04-28 2013-11-22click here Lexington Road
JAMES R MCEOWEN 1933-06-05 2014-07-08click here HOLMDEL
BEN M MCFEE 1927-02-18 2002-04-16click here Salt Lake City Utah
BERNARD J MCGRATH 1933-06-22 2015-07-26  Omaha
BARBARA J MCKAY 1931-01-21 2015-08-18click here INDIANAPOLIS
MAX E MCKEE 1926-05-15 2013-02-10click here Salt Lake City Utah
JOHN F. MCKINNON 0000-00-00 2014-01-15  Merrimack Valley
SYDNEY H MCNEELY 1932-11-08 2004-12-21click here Salt Lake City Utah
CARL E MENHORN 1924-03-13 2015-08-03click here COLUMBUS
JOHN G METROPOUOLOS 1932-05-03 2014-03-24click here United States
TIMOTHY J MEYERROSE 1955-04-17 2014-05-07click here Indianapolis
WILLIAM MILLER 1932-09-12 2012-06-12click here Allentown pa
WILLIAM L MORRISON 1925-01-01 2014-11-18click here
PETE MOSKONAS 1929-11-26 2015-05-08  COLUMBUS
SADIE M MOSS 0000-00-00 1932-01-01click here INDIANAPOLIS
ROBERT MULLEN 1936-12-19 2017-03-08click here
H. LOUIS MULLER 1929-06-25 2016-05-28click here Hunt Valley MD
JEAN N MURPHY 1922-03-21 2017-02-19click here Western Electric Shreveport Louisiana
JOAN B MURREN 1934-08-15 2013-12-20click here Warren, NJ
LAWRENCE E MYERS 1929-09-26 2012-03-22click here Guilford Center
JOHN T NELSON 1947-04-05 2014-07-07click here Portland Oregon
CHERYL L NICHOLS 1951-12-25 2015-03-20click here Chicago Il
OLGA M NICHOLS 0000-00-00 2016-06-04click here Jersey City/Kearny
LES D NOBLE 1936-01-01 2015-06-28 
STEPHEN L NUSSER 1927-11-07 2015-12-04click here
JOHN W OGDEN 1955-12-17 2013-12-19click here Lucent at Sunnyvale CA
JOSEPH E OLOUGHLIN 1935-04-13 2014-02-02click here Philadelphia
JOHN F ORKIS 1932-01-01 2014-05-22click here COLUMBUS
WILLIAM H. ORR 1930-11-03 2014-10-19click here Indianapolis IN
DONOLA B ORR 1935-09-04 2015-01-24click here Indianapolis
ROBERT L. OVERSTREET 1931-08-11 2014-12-31click here Whippany NJ
JOHN A PAGONIS 0000-00-00 2012-05-10click here Network Software
JOHN J PAPPAS 0000-00-00 2009-09-09click here morristown
JOHN N PARAT 1932-01-01 2015-05-13click here SKOKIE
DANIEL R PARAT 1935-10-23 2015-09-30click here Little Rock
DAVID R. PARDOL 1944-01-12 2016-08-21  Naperville Illinois
DON D PAULLO 1942-12-20 2017-07-01click here Columbus Ohio
VICTOR A PELSON 1937-01-01 2012-10-29click here
KENNETH A PENNYCUFF 1930-04-30 2015-11-23  COLUMBUS
LEE C PERKINS 1923-10-02 2014-03-08click here Oklahoma City Ok
JOHN R PERRIN 1934-04-19 2014-02-16click here SHREVEPORT
A.L. (PETE) PETERSON 1941-10-20 2014-06-23click here
DONALD C PFEFFER 1944-01-12 2016-10-23click here
RAYMOND PIEPRZYCKI 1925-05-07 2016-03-17click here Ballwin MO
LARRY "LR" R PIERSON 1933-07-06 2009-05-03click here Salt Lake City Utah
VIRGINIA L PIKE 1930-09-30 2014-05-23click here Indianapolis
MARTHA L PITMAN 1926-02-18 2015-08-08click here INDIANAPOLIS
EDWIN L PLOCHARSKI 1936-01-01 2015-10-16click here SKOKIE
MILES V PLZAK 1913-04-05 2014-10-14click here Indianapolis IN
GEORGE L POSPISIL 1923-01-01 2014-12-19click here Cicero Il.
DONALD E PROCKNOW 1923-10-10 2016-07-01click here
CLEMENCE J PRUSKO 1940-04-01 2015-05-15click here SKOKIE
WILLIAM F PRYZBYCIN 0000-00-00 2014-04-02click here
MARTY PURCELL 0000-00-00 2014-08-13click here Gateway 2 Newark NJ
STEVEN A QUEENAN 0000-00-00 2014-09-02click here
DONALD C QUIST 1940-01-01 2014-07-24click here
THOMAS A RACE 1926-01-01 2015-01-14click here TELETYPE SKOKIE
CHARLES RADICE JR. 0000-00-00 2015-07-15click here Morristown NJ
DON RADTKE 1935-01-20 2016-05-10click here HAWTHORNE
KENNETH (KEN) O RASCHKE 1930-03-24 2012-10-01click here Winston Salem
ALBERT C RAUCK III 1941-01-01 2015-04-21click here
JOSEPH E RAYMANN JR 1932-01-04 2014-11-23click here Indianapolis IN
PAUL E REED 0000-00-00 1991-11-06click here Greensboro NC
ROBERT G REEVES 1930-07-07 2014-01-04click here Lisle IL
JOSEPH F REID 1951-12-08 2017-08-08click here Washington DC
OTTO F REIFEIS JR 1925-05-30 2014-08-08click here Indianapolis
RICHARD B REITZ 0000-00-00 2014-09-04click here BERKELEY HTS NJ
JACQUELINE E RIECK 1945-09-07 2015-07-19click here INDIANAPOLIS
JOHN J RITROSI 1922-10-07 2016-11-12click here Teletype Skokie Illinois
DIANA M ROBEN 0946-10-23 2013-10-13click here HUNT VALLEY MD
CHARLES J ROBINSON 1943-04-12 2015-05-12click here COLUMBUS
JOHN J ROJICEK 0000-00-00 2011-11-20click here
BERNARD W ROLFES 0000-00-00 2008-01-14  COCKEYSVILLE
WILLIAM C ROLLER 1944-07-11 2014-08-04click here
RICHARD C ROLLING 1932-06-05 2013-01-13click here
ROBERT C ROOS 1941-10-01 2015-02-15click here TELETYPE
RICHARD S ROPER 0000-00-00 2015-04-15click here cOLUMBUS
ROBERT I. ROSENTHAL 0000-00-00 2015-07-15click here Holmdel NJ
JOHN P RUPPERT 1941-04-23 2017-02-25click here Bridgewater New Jersey
ANNIE RUSSO 1920-07-03 2016-10-27click here Haverhill MA 01830
THOMAS E RUTT 0000-00-00 0009-06-15click here Holmdel NJ
WILLIAM "BILLY" J SANDERS 1946-02-04 1999-05-11click here North Ogden UT
LANGDON "AL" SANFORD 1928-12-15 2014-07-01click here Sunnyvale
HENRY SARUYA 0000-00-00 2012-11-06click here
KENNETH D SAUSSER 1931-02-16 2016-08-09  Holmdel NJ
JUDY SCHMITT 1945-02-09 2015-08-30click here Naperville
VIVIAN M SCHWINN 1925-11-24 2015-05-18click here COLUMBUS
HOWARD M SEITZ 1917-06-10 2013-09-05click here Harrisburg PA
EVELYN J SELVIDGE 1928-10-28 2015-07-07click here INDIANAPOLIS
AURELIO (AL) SERAFINI 1932-07-10 2017-02-02click here Naperville IL
ANTHONY J SEVERINI 0000-00-00 2013-06-01click here
KENNETH SHARCK 1937-05-28 2017-05-07click here Kearny
GEORGE DAVID SHERWOOD 1929-08-21 2013-11-27  Shreveport la
RENNY M SHOEMAKER 0000-00-00 2015-08-14click here INDAINAPOLIS
WILLIAM (BILL) E. SHUMATE 1937-10-21 2016-09-15click here
BARBARA SINCLAIR 1976-10-09 2012-06-16click here Naperville IL
BILL SKIDMORE JR. 1952-04-19 2015-07-12click here BILL LABS IND
ROBERT A SKINNER 1931-05-01 2015-06-19click here North Andover
PATRICIA A SMITH 0000-00-00 2011-06-12click here NEW JERSEY
WILFRIED H SMOLENSKI 1924-04-01 2014-03-20click here Shreveport
LON E SORRELL 1920-07-10 2016-08-12click here Lexington Road
POLLY S SOUTHERN 1934-09-16 2014-02-14click here 2400 Reynolda Road
JERRELL E STAFFORD 1933-08-17 2016-04-11click here Lexington Road
SAMUEL B STAPLETON 1923-12-24 2017-02-11click here Guilford Center
TED STARK 1936-12-02 2014-04-11click here AT&T Network Systems Installation-N. Calif. & Nev.
WILLIAM (KENNY-SI K. STEELE 1930-01-01 2016-10-20  Unknown
JEROME STERNBERG 1927-08-20 2014-07-10click here Indianapolis
WALTER P STIEBITZ 1919-01-01 2014-04-14click here MERRIMACK VALLEY
ROBERT (BOB) A STIFF 1939-00-00 2014-03-09click here Martinsburg West Virginia
JESSIE M STILLWELL 1927-08-29 2015-03-06click here Flushing N Y
DARREL W STONEBRAKER 0000-00-00 2015-06-28click here
PATRICIA A STOVER 1937-01-01 2015-11-04click here COLUMBUS
MARGE SULLIVAN 1932-09-07 2014-01-28click here Naperville IL
RICHARD A. TARBOX 1936-01-01 2017-09-01click here PRINCETON J
SAMUEL R TARRANT 0000-00-00 2013-10-12click here NEW JERSEY
CHANDLER C TEDHOLM 1951-07-29 2017-01-16click here Whippany NJ
THOMAS F TEEL 1948-04-30 2013-07-11click here Lucent Technologies Warren NJ
BARBARA R. TEEL 1939-03-14 2014-08-09click here
LOUIS R TESTARDI 0000-00-00 2017-03-02click here BELL LABS
BARBARA TEWKSBURY 1934-07-19 2013-07-15click here
LEONARD H THIELSEN 1925-01-01 2015-09-30click here
JOHN THUNBLOM 0000-00-00 2014-10-28click here Denver Colorado
ROBERT L THURMAN 0000-00-00 2015-08-17click here
FRANCIS PAT P TIERNEY 0000-00-00 2012-12-25click here
PETER TIMPANO 0000-00-00 2014-11-03click here MORRISTOWN
RONALD (SONNY) W TISDALE 1941-03-23 2008-09-13click here Shreveport
GEORGE TODOROVICH 1934-03-24 2016-02-14  Oklahoma City Works
JOHN TOTH 1932-09-10 2015-03-15click here COLUMBUS
CHERYL A TOTH 1947-08-29 2017-06-27click here NAPERVILLE
CHARLES H TOWNES 1915-07-28 2015-01-27click here BELL LABORATORIES
STEVE TSITOURIS 1941-09-11 2016-01-06click here ATT iNTL
DENNIS E TUMBLISON 1932-05-16 2015-12-08click here Columbus
EDWARD L TURLO 1923-07-13 2015-09-25click here
JOHN Y URANGA 1942-06-14 1994-03-18click here Boise ID
CHARLES J VAN TREESE 1925-04-12 2014-04-10click here indianapolis
BARBARA VANDENBURGH 1918-07-03 2014-05-15click here
ADAM VINCIK 1938-04-22 2015-11-27click here COLUMBUS
RUDOLF E VOGELI 1929-08-01 2016-07-05  Allentown Pennsylvania
THEODORE J VON CLAUSBURG 0034-01-01 2015-05-17click here COLUMBUS
MICHAEL W WAGGONER 1947-01-15 2014-06-14click here Salt Lake City Utah
EDGAR L WALTERS III 1929-04-03 2015-09-29  STANLY COUNTY
WILLIAM P WEBB JR. 1943-10-13 2014-06-10click here Atlanta
GEORGE WENDT 0000-00-00 2014-06-15click here SKOKIE IL
EDWARD (ED) WERNER 1944-06-11 2012-06-03click here
SANDRA N WESLEY 1941-08-03 2010-12-30click here Western Electric - Hawthorne
GLADYS H WESTBROOK 1936-09-25 2014-05-31click here Indianapolis
GENEVIEVE "JEAN" A WIESZCZYK 1925-01-01 2016-01-07click here SKOKIE
GERRY L WILLIAMS 1941-06-14 2015-03-21click here INDIANAPOLIS
HAROLD E WINGERT 1926-10-11 2015-12-27click here Lexington Road
JOHN J WINTERS 0000-00-00 0000-00-00click here Hunt Valley Maryland
WILFORD WISNER 1934-11-09 2014-01-29click here Indianapolis
JOHN J. WITKOWSKI 0000-00-00 2014-12-03click here Basking Ridge
HAL G WORLEY 1921-12-31 2011-04-04click here Lexington Road
JOSEPH WOSK 0000-00-00 2015-01-31click here INDIAN HILL
JOSHUA (J.P.) P WYATT 1929-10-03 2015-07-28click here winston salem
DORIS D YONTZ 1926-12-11 2014-06-02click here Lexington Road
KENNETH R ZIOMEK 1943-11-07 2016-05-31click here New Jersey
MICHAEL J ZUCCHERO 1940-01-01 2015-10-16click here ROLLOING MEADOWS
RICHARD J ZUGAY 1936-01-01 2015-12-15click here SKOKIE