Help for Registering on the Message Board

The Lucent Retirees Message Board uses a 5-step process for registering:

  1. Click on the <Register> link on the top of the board

  2. Fill out the form and click on the <Submit> button

  3. The message board service will return an E-mail with a temporary password

  4. Return to the message board and click on <Login> with that password

  5. Go to <Profile>, choose a new password and fill out.

Then, enjoy interacting with other LRO-ers like yourself.


Special note if you can't login

The Message Board uses "cookies" to help control who can use the Message Board from outside our community. Many Web browsers allow users to set "cookies" so that Web sites do not arbitrarily create them. If you have trouble registering or entering <Profile> or <Login>, your Web browser may need a small change.


To do this, bring up Internet Explorer in its own window. Then

Click on <Tools>

Click on <Internet Options>

Click on the <Privacy> tab.

You should see an <Edit> button. Click on it.

Enter the following domain name in the Window

Click <Allow>
Click <OK> <OK>


Then, enjoy and participate in the LRO Message Board.