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THE LUCENT RETIREES ORGANIZATION (LRO) was chartered in January 2003 in the state of New York. Its purpose is to address the interests of 127,000 individuals under the Lucent pension plan that embodies all Lucent and Bell Labs retirees, including those who retired when the company was known as Western Electric and/or AT&T Network Systems, plus subsidiaries such as Teletype and Sandia.

Western Electric — AT&T Network Systems Division — Lucent Technologies — Alcatel Lucent and NOW: NOKIA!! Throughout, the Lucent Retirees Organization — your LRO — has done its best to represent the interests of its retirees with whatever of the foregoing names. AND all retirees can be assured that the LRO will continue to make sure that company promises made to all of us are kept — no matter the latest corporate name or headquarters location!!”

Over the years over 17,000 retirees have been members, and over 13.000 are still active. LRO membership is open to current retirees with a Lucent pension, a person vested for a Lucent pension, or the spouse of any such retiree or vested person. The LRO is incorporated as a non-profit organization. JOIN US to receive email updates.

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SECTION 1. Pension Benefits.
Preserve and urge the enhancement of pension, healthcare and other benefits earned by Retirees while employed by Lucent and its predecessor and/or successor companies.  Retiree for the purposes of this document is defined as a person who has met the requirement of Lucent and its predecessors and successors to retire from the Company with retirement benefits.

SECTION 2. Strengthen Lucent.
To the extent consistent with Retirees’ interests, help strengthen Lucent to the best of its ability.

SECTION 3.  Support Lucent

To the extent consistent with Retirees’ interests, use its network of Retirees and lobbying and Public Relations assets, to support Lucent’s business initiatives.

SECTION 4.  Protect Retirees. 
Work to ensure that fairness and justice are given to its universe of Retirees - Retirees who planned the finances of their senior years based on Lucent commitments made to them upon their retirements.



Overview. The Lucent Retiree Organization’s (LRO’s) mission is dedicated to three major purposes:

The LRO’s membership consists of those Retirees who have elected to join and whose pensions are paid from the Lucent Pension Trust Fund. The LRO Directors and Officers are volunteers drawn from the LRO membership universe. They perform their duties on a volunteer, non-salaried basis.



The following is a Code of Ethics/Conduct for approved and adopted by the LRO Board of Directors. It has been written to set forth guideposts for the LRO Officers and Directors, as well as for those volunteers who actively support said Officers and Directors, as they collectively strive to meet LRO missions. Each individual’s agreement and signature is required.

Know what’s going on. The business, economic and legislative segments of our culture are in constant motion. Activities that impact Retirees are occurring almost daily. These impose a far-reaching responsibility on all concerned. To keep as informed as possible, the LRO, its Officers, Directors and Members must strive to use all reasonable sources of relevant information. When appropriate, conference calls must be held so that the aforementioned persons can discuss the aspects and potential impacts of recent events. The objective of such calls being to share knowledge and collectively determine various approaches that might be taken by individual Retirees to reach what best suits her/his personal situation (i.e.: as regards medical, legal, financial counseling, etc., etc.)

Mind your own business. Our programs are to be determined solely on the basis of what is in the best interests of the Retirees. Under no circumstances should any agreement or understanding be entered into with any outside persons or organizations until approved by the LRO Board of Directors. The LRO is responsible to its membership for its policies and procedures; this must be kept in mind when formulating policy and plans for action on any particular front. No member shall be granted more favorable consideration than any other.

Steer clear of conflict. Our Officers, Directors and active supporters must avoid dealing with any person or firm with whom they, as individuals, have any connection or financial interest. Propriety demands that, if such a transaction with such a person or firm is absolutely required, a disinterested associate handle it. One’s position must never be used to promote or advance personal interests, even indirectly. One of the most important deterrents to such conflicts is disclosure; interests of any person in authority that could raise possibilities of a conflict are to be disclosed to the Board of Directors for resolution.

Know how to keep a secret. Information obtained as the result of activities within the LRO must be held private, and should never be revealed to unauthorized persons. Such information must never be used for personal advantage; nor should it be used to the advantage of others. This shall be adhered to until such time as the responsible party or parties publicly disclose the information.

Say thank you, but no thank you. Gifts and excessive entertainment from outside sources that may be trying to sway LRO actions for one reason or another are to be courteously and tactfully declined. Acceptance of anything that may be construed as attempts to attain personal gain on the part of a responsible LRO person is highly improper and courts severe censure.

Be wary of outside interests. Acceptance of outside employment and membership on outside boards (except those of civic, charitable or religious groups), while not in itself objectionable and often helpful from a public relations standpoint, involves possible conflict of interest and should be reviewed with the Officers and Directors. No official shall direct the allocation of LRO funds, whether they are purchases, endorsements, or whatever to second parties with the direct or indirect objective of obtaining preferred consideration in return.

Don’t knock interacting organizations. Interaction with inter-related organizations must always be positive and courteous. Friendly relations are far more effective and permanent than derogatory remarks. Such behavior is contrary to the character of the LRO and is to be avoided.

Give service, not advice. Members may often seek advice from the Officers and Directors that have could have a significant impact on the asking individual’s lifestyle. We must be extremely careful to avoid any statements that might be construed as advice-giving. Do not recommend attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers or agents.

Be a good citizen. As previously implied in the foregoing section entitled Know what’s going on, enlightened interest in governmental affairs and dedication to meeting responsibilities of good citizenship (i.e.: by voting in all elections), is important to the strength of our mission achievements. Participation in political activities should be done in a manner that gives positive credit to the LRO.

Remember, you are the LRO. It must always be remembered that to each person with whom you are interacting -- whether by personal contact, correspondence or telephone – you represent the LRO. Its reputation and prestige are enhanced or diminished by the way you act. Empathy for every Retiree and her/his situation is significant and very important. Assure that LRO affairs are conducted in a manner that fosters its favorable image and reputation.

Live a life of which we can all be proud. The conduct of each life should reflect positively on the LRO. A reputation for good morals, ethics and integrity is essential; every Officer and Director must remain above reproach. Ethical and legal behavior is each individual’s responsibility.

Any individual found to have violated any of the foregoing policies shall be subject to removal in accordance with applicable LRO rules and by-laws.


LRO Board of Directors

President -Joe Dombrowski
Phone: 480-766-3386 
Mail Address: 1716 Alpine Meadows Lane Unit 1801- Prescott, AZ 86303-6905

Vice President & Pension Team Director - Frank Minter
Phone: 205-915-2908
Mail Address: 415 Highgate Hill Road - Indian Springs, AL 35124-3816

Secretary- Pam
Phone: 630.668.7883 - home   630.699.1491 - cell

Treasurer- Richard (Dick) McCauley
Phone: 863-875-3049
Mail Address: 4469 Turnberry Lane-Lake Ashton Golf Club-Lake Wales, FL  33859-5758

Advisor to the Board of Directors-Bob Janish
Phone: 908-276-7596
Mail Address: 208 Richard St. - Cranford, NJ 07016-2546

Member-At-Large - Andy Guarriello -
Mail Address: 6605 Castle Pines Drive – Plano, TX 75093

LRO Newsletter Editor - Gary Reichow -
Phone: 904-249-1886
Mail Address: 5516 Rigel Ct. Atlantic Bch, Fl 32233

Daniel Lovatt -
Phone: 803-729-0666
Mail Address: 1512 Fair St., Camden, S.C., 29020

LRO Support Staff

Communications Consultant- Ed Beltram
Phone: 719-687-6157
Mail Address: 420 Fairfield Lane - Woodland Park, CO 80863

LRO Benefits Team- champions for healthcare and other benefits issues- Herb Zydney -
Phone: 917-744-8962
Mail Address: 1801 S Flagler Drive, FL 33401

Webmaster- Joe Sciulli -
Phone: 215-970-5440
Mail Address: 517 Saint James Ct.- Langhorne, PA. 19047


Biographies Of LRO Leaders




Joe Dombrowski’s career began with Bell Laboratories in March 1967.His early assignments were as a member of the administrative group in Whippany, New Jersey.  He subsequently held domestic and international management positions dealing with purchasing, contract management, sales channel management, strategic planning, business development, new venture start-ups, organizational development, multicultural team building and leadership in the Following assignments: American Bell (Iran), AT&T International in Egypt, Greece, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Ireland. His last assignment before retiring in July 2001, was as Chief Operating Officer, Business Partners Division, Dublin Ireland, which held full strategic planning, operations and P&L responsibility for Global operations for the Business Partners Division.

FRANK MINTER - Vice President

Frank Minter spent his career in industry serving 34 years with the AT&T Company concluding as the Vice President and Controller and later as Chief Financial Officer of AT&T International.

Following his retirement from AT&T he became associated with Samford University teaching financial accounting at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He served as Director of the Accounting program for several years. Samford University awarded Mr. Minter a doctoral equivalency based on his achievements in the business world.

During his business career he served as a member of the FASB´s Emerging Issues Task Force and as Chairman of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Financial Reporting Committee and Financial Executives International (FEI) Committee on Corporate Reporting (CCR). He served as a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council (FASAC) and as a Trustee of the Financial Accounting Foundation. His active involvement with the IMA led to his serving as the National President and Chair of that organization.

Mr. Minter is a graduate of the Citadel and has an MBA from the University of Memphis. He is a Certified Public Accountant. Since joining the LRO Frank Has served on its Board as Pension Director.




Pamela A. Rasmussen (Pam) started her career with Western Electric in February 1978. She was a senior financial specialist in the Customer Technical Organization. Pam was responsible for budgets/forecasts and results as well as real estate for her organization. Pam was the Co-President of Corporate Women in Leadership at Lucent Technolgies (WILL), an employee business partner for approximately 10 years. As well as the local President of WILL-Chicagoland. She is the founder/chair of Special Olympics Family Fun Day (1986-2001) held on Lisle campus each year. Pam retired in September 2007. Since retirement she has been involved with Family Shelter Service, a non-profit that provides help and hope for victims of domestic violence. She enjoys baseball and photography.

Richard L. McCauley - LRO Treasurer


Dick’s career with AT&T and Lucent Technologies covered 35 years from 1966 to 2001. The first 20 years included various assignments in Information Systems and Finance in Indianapolis, IN, Kearny, NJ, and New York, NY. From 1988 to 1992, Dick was the Regional Controller, Far East & India based out of Hong Kong. This was followed by a two-year assignment as CFO, AT&T China in Beijing and Shanghai, Republic of China. During 1995 and 1996, Dick was back in the USA for tours of duty in New Jersey in Corporate and International Finance plus CFO of Network Cable Systems. Later in 1996, it was back to foreign assignments in Paris as Western Europe and Africa Finance Director and in Hilversum, The Netherlands as Finance Director and CFO for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

A graduate of Ball State University with a BS in Business Administration, Dick did postgraduate studies at Indiana University, M.I.T., Stanford University and the National University of Singapore. He has served on the International Advisory Board of Dickinson College; Treasurer and Governor of the Hong Kong International School, and served terms as Vice President and President of the Theta Chi Fraternity National Board of Trustees.