Hal Worley's Letter To Winston-Salem Journal - November 15, 2004


The recent article about Lucent Technologies profits missed key points germane to Winston-Salem and the Triad. The article said there are "some" Lucent retirees in the area. In fact, there are thousands of such retirees and their dependents in the Triad ("Lucent has first profitable year since 2000, after cuts," Oct. 21).

Lucent predecessors, which once employed some 10,000 North Carolinians, were shut down in the last 15 years, leaving behind no jobs but lots of retirees.

The article failed to adequately deal with the fact that much of Lucent's newfound profitability has been built on the backs of retirees through the reduction or elimination of promised benefits and the manipulation of pension trust funds.

Retirees have formed an organization, with its own Web site, to protect our rights through negotiation, political action, lawsuits and shareholder resolutions. Its first president, Kenneth Raschke of Winston-Salem, was the last head of Lucent manufacturing operations in North Carolina.