Summary of LRO Survey Results - March 2004
Recently we asked our members to participate in a survey to help us set our 2004 objectives and understand our member's interests.  The results were presented at the LRO leaders' meeting in Dallas on March 26 & 27.  Following is a summary of these results:

We received a total of 469 replies.  Not all questions were answered on all the replies.

On the question of How often do you access the LRO website, the results are:
     Several times per week   36   76%
     At least once per week   79   16.8%
     Few times per month     175   37.3%
     Seldom                        179   38.2%

Interest in what the LRO is doing  (456 replies)
     High            383  84.0%
     Medium         69  15.1%
     Low                4     .1%

Interest in Government Legislation  (459 replies)
     High           267  58.2%
     Medium      167  36.4%
     Low             25   5.4%

Interest in Retiree issues  (463 replies)
     High         387  83.6%
     Medium      67  14.5%
     Low             9   1.9%

Interest in Telecom Issues  (399 replies)
     High           74  18.5%
     Medium     215  53.9%
     Low          170  42.6%

Interest in National Business  (458 replies)
     High           55  12%
     Medium     201  43.9%
     Low          202  44.1%

Use of Message Board  (436 replies)
     Yes        39   8.9%
     No        397  91.1%

Should LRO support political candidates  (194 replies)
     Yes        120  61.9%
     No           59  30.4%
     Maybe      15   7.7%

Should LRO devote resources for small groups  (187 replies
     Yes         68  36.4%
     No          79  42.2%
     Maybe     40  21.4%

There were also many helpful comments and suggestions.  One comment and suggestion deserves mention at this time.  It was noted that we must emphasize obtaining additional members and we must increase the number of members paying dues.  The first is necessary to show Lucent and politicians that retirees truly support the LRO.  The additional funds are needed to obtain the legal and accounting expertise required to understand the movement of funds in the various trust and pension accounts and the legal obligations of Lucent in regard to the retirees.  None of the members dues are used to pay salaries for any of the LRO leadership group.

Thank you for participating in the survey and for your continued support.