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Dear Senator: (or Representative)


I am a retiree who receives a pension from the Lucent Technologies Pension Fund covering former management employees.


My trust in Lucent and my sense of security have considerably diminished during the past six or seven years. These feelings are the result of Lucent's severe reductions in the annual benefits that, over my ____ years of service, were committed to me as well as to my fellow retirees.  Reductions in healthcare benefits across the board plus elimination of reimbursement of monthly payments for Medicare Part B, plus elimination of dental and eyeglass coverage plus cancellation, in early 2003, of the Death Benefit that had been in effect since early in the second decade of the 20th century.  [By way of explanation, the Death Benefit amount equals an individual's salary at the time he/she retired, and was to be paid to the surviving spouse upon the death of that retiree.]


So, based on the foregoing, you can surely understand my concern regarding the security of the Lucent Pension Fund for Management Retirees. Now, however, my concern has significantly increased! And that’s because of the recent acquisition of Lucent Technologies by a foreign firm – namely Alcatel of France. 


What I'd like to determine is whether or not the 'new' firm - - now doing business as Alcatel-Lucent - - is still governed by the ERISA laws of the United States government that were enacted to protect my pension plan and to what extent.  I'm writing to you for information in this regard as well as for your commitment to protect me and my fellow retirees from any erosion of the pension that - - like the aforementioned benefits - - we earned via dedicated, hard-working service over many years and were committed to us by our employers.


Your prompt, well-considered response regarding the foregoing is essential.  In addition, please advise as to any federal agencies that should also be contacted in this regard.  By that I mean agencies responsible for protecting retirees from further abuses.


Please don't sideline this request.  Let me hear from you as soon as possible.  Your concern and your support are urgently required.




(Name of correspondent)


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