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May 18, 2007


Ms. Patricia F. Russo

Chief Executive Officer


54 rue la Boetie

Paris 75008, France


Dear Pat,


As you might expect, the Lucent Retirees Organization has been receiving many emails and phone calls from Lucent retirees expressing their concern about their personal information and that of their dependents that was on the computer disk that is missing.  The LRO shares their concerns, but we have attempted to assure them that it is apparent Alcatel-Lucent is doing all it can do to find the disk, determine the cause of the breach and implement measures to ensure it never happens again.


I am sure we share the same hope that it is still conceivable that the disk will show up under circumstances that establish the content was not, after all, compromised. We can all hope that if the disk is not found that it is not in the hands of someone who will misuse the personal information.  We appreciate that Alcatel-Lucent is taking steps to provide a credit monitoring service for one year.  We are encouraging Lucent retirees to use the service to watch for any problems that might arise.


I appreciate the fact that Mary Lou Ambrus called me to request that the LRO assist in getting the word out to Lucent retirees about the missing disk.  The LRO emailed the Alcatel-Lucent letter and Q&A’s to LRO members and posted the documents on the LRO Website.  We accomplished this within a few hours after Mary Lou provided the authorization.  Since the LRO does not have access to the mailing list for all retirees, I would like to suggest that Alcatel-Lucent send a letter to all retirees to provide further clarifications of the details associated with the missing disk and explain just how they and their dependents can use the credit monitoring service.


The LRO believes it would be good to clarify for retirees and their dependents that the ONLY information on the lost disk is: name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, and salary information for our Alcatel-Lucent U.S.-paid employees who worked for Lucent, their dependents and Lucent’s retirees and their dependents. We’d also suggest that Alcatel-Lucent state what specific salary information was included on the disk.  Was the information on the disk encrypted?  If not, it should be explained why this most basic data security measure was not used.


It is also important to make it clear whether information of EVERY retiree of Lucent was compromised; and if not can it be made known which retirees are included, for example by retirement date.  Finally, we believe it is essential to disclose to retirees how Alcatel-Lucent can know with certainty that the lost disk contained ONLY the announced information.


After your team has completed the assessment of the root cause(s) and identify steps for process improvements, we offer to assist you in determining how to effectively roll out additional information to retirees. Also, if you would like to identify a contact person, we offer to alert him/her of any misuse of personal information incidents that may be reported to us by our members or retirees in general.

Typically, many retirees are like me and don’t have the computer and Internet savvy that we’d like to have.  Fortunately, I have nearby children and grandchildren who assist me with cyberspace problems. For retirees with online capability, but lack expertise from family or friends, it would be good to have a “help desk” to assist with questions about the credit monitoring services. And, for the thousands of retirees who do not use computers, we encourage you to consider telephone hotline support with live knowledgeable people and not automated voice recordings.  Also, written FAQ’s would be useful. 


Whatever more you and your staff can do to help lessen the present and future concerns of Lucent retirees will be greatly appreciated.  If the LRO can do anything further to be of assistance, please let me know.




Ken Raschke



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