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March 1, 2007


Ms Cindy Christy, President & CEO

Alcatel-Lucent North America Region

600 Mountain Avenue

Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974-0636


Dear Ms. Christy,


Lucent Retiree Organization members have read with serious interest about the Bell Labs retiree, Joseph L. Hall, who co-invented the technology that enabled Alcatel-Lucent to win a $1.52 billion judgment against Microsoft. Retirees are stirred with a new sense of pride as Mr. Hall’s national recognition creates memories about their own innumerable contributions over many years that helped make their company great. 


LRO members also feel that this large sum of money, when paid by Microsoft after its appeals are exhausted, presents a significant opportunity for Alcatel-Lucent to demonstrate recognition and appreciation to retirees for their past accomplishments.  It was 1999 when some Lucent retirees last received any increase in their pensions.  All retirees would greatly welcome Alcatel-Lucent using some of its windfall from the lawsuit to provide a pension increase as relief toward years of inflation and the draining effects of benefit cuts over the past several years.  At the very least, Alcatel-Lucent should provide a one-time pension bonus payment to share its good fortune with the retirees who made Lucent an attractive merger partner for Alcatel.  


We hope you will give favorable consideration to the retiree’s needs and interests and advocate to Pat Russo that this requested action would do a great deal for restoring retirees’ faith in their former employer.





Ken Raschke


Copy to:

Pat Russo



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