Text Box: LRO Board of Directors:
(Title Prior To Retirement)
Kenneth O. Raschke
(AT&T Network Systems,
 Manufacturing Vice President)
Eli Shaff
(AT&T Network Systems,
Sales Operations Director)
Robert A. Janish
(AT&T Network Systems,
Director of Order Management)
Board Member:
Michael Bard
(Vice President, Secretary 
& General Counsel, AT&T IPM)
Board Member:
Herb M. Zydney
(Bell Labs Fellow, Director, Cross 
   Platforms Technology - GBCS)
Membership Director: 
Andrew M. Guarriello
(AT&T Microelectronics
Manufacturing Vice President)
Legislative Affairs Director:
William E Kadereit
(AT&T Microelectronics,
 Manufacturing Vice President)
Communications Director:
Edward F. Beltram
                        (Lucent, Manager, 
                          Public Relations)
New England Director:
Paul W. Bayliss
(AT&T Network Systems, 
Marketing Vice President)
Northeast Director:
Patricia A. Smith
(Lucent, Manager, Executive 
Compensation & Benefits)
Mid Atlantic Director:
Hal G. Worley
(AT&T Network Systems,
Manager, Manufacturing)
Southeast Director:
Walter J. Ehmer
(Lucent, Vice President, 
Fiber Optic Cable Business)
Southwest Director:
Robert M. Allen
(AT&T Network Systems,
 Manufacturing Vice President)
North Central Director:
John E. Woodruff
(AT&T Network Systems,
Purchasing Manager)
Mountain Director:
Pete R. McCarthy
(AT&T Microelectronics, 
Sales Development & Operations 
Vice President)
West Coast Director:
Jeremiah J. Hanley
(AT&T Network Systems
Sales Vice President)
Pacific Northwest Director:
Walter B. Greenwood
(Lucent, Creative Services 


   Lucent Retirees Organization


                                                                       K.O. Raschke, President - 231 Pinetuck Lane – Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Email: kraschke@triad.rr.com  Phone: 336-765-9765

LRO Website: www.lucentretirees.com




 July 17, 2006


Ms. Patricia Russo, Chairman & CEO   

Lucent Technologies, Inc.

600 Mountain Avenue          

Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974


Dear Pat:


Thank you for taking the time to write a personalized response to the Lucent Retirees Organization’s request for a meeting with you and/or other Lucent executives to discuss the future of Lucent retirees’ pensions, health care and life insurance.  While we are disappointed that a meeting will not take place, your letter does help us to realize that Lucent must balance the interests of all groups during the required Lucent/Alcatel processes.  However, I hope you appreciate that the LRO’s purpose is to do whatever is appropriate and in good faith to ensure the interests and rights of retirees are not ignored or worse, trampled upon.


We appreciate your interest in trying to accommodate the LRO’s principal concerns within the confines of Lucent’s legal constraints through your offer to consider a limited number of questions retirees have about the F-4 filing.  We will invite LRO members to review your F-4 filing and to promptly send their questions to us.  We will distill their questions and send the ones that are of greatest retiree interest to you for your evaluation and response.


In the interest of keeping communications channels open between Lucent and the members of the LRO, we will post your July 13, 2006 reply on the LRO website so that our members will better understand the legal constraints Lucent is under with the SEC and other regulators during the approval period.  Thank you for your time and attention during what must surely be an extremely busy time for you.





Ken Raschke




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