Fellow Retirees:         

Several of you have asked me, "'why join the LRO?"  I fully believe that you will see a strong reason by reading the attached documents. (The documents are the NRLN news release posted on the LRO Home Page and the Pioneer Press column posted in the Media Section)  This along with other LRO publications helped me understand why I just mailed my 2004 membership check. I question how would we have ever met with Henry Schacht without the LRO's impact.

In regard to the attached, I'm especially glad that the LRO is subscribed to the NRLN headed by Jim Norby. Sure there are monies going into the LRO, but without the LRO, and other organizations like NRLN, we're individually vulnerable to lose the benefits that we all earned through diligent work.

Please do not mistake this e-mail; It is fully intended to say "lets not go our separate way in this effort, but rather pull together and salvage whatever we can from what is remaining. Please give me some positive feedback.

 On a final positive note, Please join with me as I celebrate God's gift of Life ( the stroke I had was 21 yrs ago today).

Your fellow retiree....Joe George