C. R. Farris Sends Email To Pat Russo With His Views On Loss Of Disk With Personal Information  5/18/07
Ms. Russo,

If you only trusted the your retirees and their thoughts as much as you trust Hewitt Associates, Aon Corp. and UPS. Why was there such a delay of notification? Between April 5th and May 3rd, come on! Kind of takes a while to figure out how to cover yourself and your people I guess. Loads of damage to your employees could be done in that amount of time. Thanks to the LRO, I got the information by e-mail. Just joined this week, looks like a good move. Like the Lucent retirees haven't got enough problems, now this. And to think I spent 35 yrs with Western Electric, AT&T Network Systems and Lucent without this happening. It would seem like that in today's world with all the identity theft out there world wide, Lucent could be more cautious with our personal information. It's going to turn out that it would have been a lot cheaper to have your vendors deliver such sensitive information by hand even if they had to fly to Paris to deliver it to.... you.

C. R. Farris


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