Mr. John Hickey V.P.

Human Resources


600 Mountain Ave

Murray Hill, NJ


Mr. H. B. Schacht


466 Lexington Ave.

New York, NY  10017-3147


Re:  Healthcare for Retirees


Dear John,


Once again it is my “honor” to address the subject with management and directors of the Lucent Corporation.  Why can’t you understand agreements made years ago are to be honored.


I retired end of 1989.  One the major considerations was the offer that “all current retirees receive health care coverage under the AT&T Medical Expense Plan for Retirees with no cost to them for premiums”.  (See Attachment “A” AT&T bulletin for AT&T management employees dated November 14, 1989. Of course, I did not retire from Lucent and don’t want to be under Lucent Retiree Plan.  I’d rather be AT&T.  Can you help me?


Now you advise via open enrollment offering that to keep my Medical Plan – Option 890-Partners NC HMO, I must now pay a monthly contribution.  I was not required in the past.  Shown as Attachment “B” is my current “Coverage for You and Your Dependents Notice 0.00 Charge for Medical Plan”.   

                                                                                                                                                              I have tried unsuccessfully to  review this with your contractor Hewitt on two occasions, November 5th and 7th,  2007.  The helpless personnel were Jamie, number unavailable, Gabriella #93054 and Supervisor Melissa #6N305C.  By the way, talking to the Alcatel-Lucent Benefit Center is as responsive as questioning a cinderblock!  Whatever happened to company personnel who knew what the benefit policy was and how it should be administered?


Yes, I understand it is a different world we live in but that does not wipe out obligations and contractual agreement morally, ethically and fairness.  Obviously the government of the United States reviewed Corporate Organization changes, spin-off of Lucent, etc.  Therefore, I am asking my congressional delegates to get involved and  rectify this situation.


Please let me to hear from you before enrollment closes.


Very truly yours,



Sidney Leeds


P.S. I sent an e-mail to Execoffice@alcatel-lucent on 11/6/07 at 11:30. To date I have not received a reply.


Cc:  Representative Mel Watt

        Senator Elizabeth Dole

        K. O. Raschke  (via e-mail)  



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