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Your Benefits Team and Our Mission

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Chairman - Ron Hoth -
Phone - 336-998-7721
Mail Address: 1061 Riverbend Drive - Advance, NC 27066

Ed Beltram -
Phone: 719-687-6157
Mail Address: 420 Fairfield Lane - Woodland Park, CO 80863

Herb Zydney -
Phone: 917-744-8962
Mail Address: 1801 S. Flagler Drive West Palm Beach 33401

A note in recognition of Pat Smith, who spent many years helping retirees
with their benefits needs and solutions.

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 The LRO Board has formed a Benefits Team (BT), with a mission to champion the concerns and issues of members and retirees in their day-to-day dealings with Nokia, its agents and others entities - and to inform every retiree of the results.

This includes:   Responsiveness: The BT will provide facts, references, templates and shared experiences to help members and retirees deal with benefit concerns, in response to individual needs and to retirees, at large.

The BT shall make no recommendations for retiree's choices and exercise caution to assure that its communications does not provide improper guidance.

Liaison with others: The BT will maintain liaison with other retiree groups such as the NRLN and support organizations to advance its mission.

Communications: The BT will review all Nokia communications to retirees for accuracy, consistency and completeness and convey proposals for action to the LRO Board. BT will maintain web site pages for providing links of interest to retirees and a discussion board for benefits. Articles in the LRO newsletter will summarize important results.

Formal support: In exemplary cases, the BT will assist retirees in filing formal claims with Nokia and government agencies. Retirees are expected to first use "normal channels" before requesting the BT's support.  The BT may also recommend legal action to the LRO Board in exceptional cases.

Expert assistance: The LRO Board will provide an annual budget for expert services to support this effort, as appropriate. Nokia does not allow you to stop dinate your choices (888-232-4111).

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This web site offers guidance primarily for Nokia management and formerly represented retirees.