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Starting 4/1/18 Medicare will start a year-long project to replace all current Medicare cards for beneficiaries to convert to alphanumeric ID numbers. Currently, the ID number is your social security number. New Medicare cards without Social Security numbers are being distributed from April 2018 to April 2019. The new Medicare card will come to you in the mail. You don't need to request it or do anything. It will just show up.Your existing card is good until the new one shows up.


Somebody from "MEDICARE " will call to tell you-you are getting a new Medicare card. But until it comes you will need a temporary card. Fee for the card is between $5-50 dollars. They want personal information, bank account or credit card so they can process your temporary card.


  • Medicare will never call you unless you ask them to. Medicare does all communications by mail unless you ask them to call.
  • Ditto for anybody saying they "work with Medicare to make sure you get everything you are entitled to".
  • DO NOT give out information over the phone.
  • Spread the word. Feel free to share these notes.
  • Use your answering machine to screen calls or just don't even answer a number you don't recognize.
  • If it has happened to you or your friends or loved ones and personal info had been given out (happens considerably more often than you think so don't feel bad or stupid) immediately take action to protect yourself against identity theft.

The Hinsdale Fire

A short time ago, I discovered that the 30th Anniversary of the May 8, 1988 Hinsdale Fire, was about to take place. The recovery from that fire was in my opinion, one of the finest expressions of the Illinois Bell “Can do” culture that I can remember.

I asked some of the key players about whether there would be value in have a luncheon in the Chicago area, inviting as many of the participants who played a role, (large and small) in the recovery. They all thought it was a good idea and they agreed to serve on the organizing Committee.

Notifying the people involved, including those from outside of Illinois Bell, will be the hardest part of the effort. The luncheon is planned for:

Tuesday May 1, 2018 from 12pm to 3pm
Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation (a private club)
14N322 IL Route 25
Dundee, IL

I am sending you this note for two reasons:

First, if you would like to come, mark your calendars. Second, pass this message on to any of those who may have participated in the recovery and would like to come.

Then let me know your thoughts and I will incorporate them into our planning for the event. Organizing Committee:

Jim Eibel Chuck Hempfling
Frank Zimmermann Mike Friduss
Joe Luby Hal D’Orazio
Dennis Johnson Jim Grabowy
Jay Carter Bob Humes

The committee has already begun the remembering of names involved and the contacting of those people.

Replying to this note (see below address) will assure that you will be put into the data base for contact about the reunion. Please let me here from you.

Bruce DeMaeyer


The LRO receives frequent requests for dealing with the passing of a retiree or surviving spouse. Consequently, we have created a document that focuses on communicating with Nokia benefits and pensions, along with links to websites with checklists for other family issues. The document is available here.

The document is printable so that you can keep it in your files for future reference.

You should have received an email on 2/8 containing the above information. If you did not receive it, we do not have your current email address. Check the bottom of this column.


Dear Fellow Retiree,

The Fall 2017 LRO Connection newsletter is now available for viewing and may be accessed by clicking here.

As you may recall from our spring newsletter, the LRO Board has been assessing the future direction of the organization. The board met in Dallas in October and formulated a Plan Forward. Specifics of that plan are included in the President's Column.

Among the changes, is the temporary suspension of LRO dues. You will note that, while we will be cutting back in a number of areas to save board work and dollars, we will continue, for the time, performing our basic monitoring of Pension, Healthcare, and Group Life Insurance benefits and respond to retiree questions via email or the website. You will also note that this will be the last published issue of the LRO Connection newsletter. All future correspondence will be accomplished via email and/or the website. We urge you to read the full article to understand the rationale for the planned changes.

The History Corner article features the North Carolina Works.

On behalf of the entire board of directors, I say thank you for your support over the years.

Joe Dombrowski,
President Lucent Retiree Organization.


The amount of management pension plan liabilities on 12/31/16 shown on page 2 of the recent newsletter should be 15.86 b Euros and the resulting funding level is 106% rather than the 94% shown. We had previously reported the correct level in our June newsletter but apologize for this error.


Nokia Benefits Resource Center (NBRC)1-888-232-4111
International Long Distance 1-212-444-0994    Other links here.


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‘Like a phoenix from the ashes’ – Nokia’s brand value jumped a whopping 70% last year
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‘Like a phoenix from the ashes’ – Nokia’s brand value jumped a whopping 70% last year
Business Insider Nordic ~ Feb 13, 2018

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America's most important social program isn't in the best shape.

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Popular bill to fight drug prices left out of budget deal
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Republicans weigh Social Security paid leave plan
By Lydia Wheeler; The Hill ~ Feb 08, 2018

What you need to know about the Senate budget deal
By Alexander Bolton; The Hill ~ Feb 08, 2018

Senate Leaders Strike Budget Deal
By Joe Williams; Roll Call ~ Feb 07, 2018

Calling Maternity Leave a Social Security Problem a Terrible Idea
By Brenton Smith, Newsmax – Feb 5, 2018

Trump's State Of The Union Retirement Message: 'You Are On Your Own'
From Teresa Ghilarducci; Forbes ~ Feb 07, 2018

AP count: Nearly 11.8M enroll for Obama health law in 2018
By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar And Kevin S. Vineys; The Associated Press ~ Feb 07, 2018

Senate Dems push for expansion of ObamaCare subsidies in deal
By Peter Sullivan; The Hill ~ Feb 07, 2018

Opinion: Let’s make Congress work again
By Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) ; The Hill ~ Feb 07, 2018

Poll: Majority of voters say lowering drug prices should be priority for Congress
By Jessie Hellmann; The Hill ~

State Obamacare enrollment on track to outpace previous years, despite confusion
By Kimberly Leonard; The Washington Examiner ~ Feb 04, 2018

Tax season: 10 tips for doing your taxes yourself
From Josh Smith; USA TODAY ~ Feb 03, 2018

U.S. Pays Billions for ‘Assisted Living,’ but What Does It Get?
By Robert Pear; The New York Times ~ Feb 03, 2018

Nokia Lays Out Optimistic 2020 Outlook
By Timothy Green; The Motley Fool ~ Feb 02, 2018

CMS Releases Proposed Medicare Advantage, Part D Changes
By Thomas Beaton; HealthPayer Intelligence ~ Feb 02, 2018

Stalled Health Programs Await A Green Light On The Hill
By Shefali Luthra; Kaiser Health News ~ Feb 02, 2018

Patty Murray: 'Good news' that GOP giving up on Obamacare repeal
By Robert King; The Washington Examiner ~ Feb 01, 2018

Few Republicans Have Appetite To Risk Another Repeal Failure In Election Year
From KHN Morning Briefing; Kaiser Health News ~ Feb 02, 2018

This Flu Season Is Bad, But It May Make Healthcare Better
From Steve Brozak; Forbes ~ Feb 02, 2018

A Good Health Care Deal, but Only for Some
From Elisabeth Rosenthal; The New York Times ~ Feb 01, 2018

U.S. government proposes 1.84 percent hike in 2019 payments to Medicare insurers
By Caroline Humer Staff; Reuters ~ Feb 01, 2018

Congressional Bickering Puts Billions at Risk for U.S. Health Centers
By Ivan Levingston; Bloomberg ~ Feb 01, 2018

As States Target High Drug Prices, Pharma Targets State Lawmakers
By Jay Hancock & Shefali Luthra; Kaiser Health News ~ Feb 01, 2018

Don’t make these 3 big mistakes when filing your taxes early
By Alessandra Malito; MarketWatch ~ Feb 01, 2018

Opinion: Congress can’t afford to wait to make a simple fix to Medicare Part D
From Christine Simmon; The Hill ~ Feb 01, 2018

Nokia CEO sees networks recovery as patents boost results
By Jussi Rosendahl & Eric Auchard; Reuters ~ Feb 01, 2018


(If you are affiliated with a local Lucent retiree group, let us know we'll post your next event.)

WECO SAGE is a group formed by computer pioneers who worked for Western Electric Company in the 1950s and 1960s installing an Air Defense System for the United States Air Force. The members of this Group have maintained their personal, and in some cases professional, relationships for over 50 years. The Group, whose members once numbered in the hundreds, meet on an annual basis at different locations throughout the country.The 2015 reunion was held in Pacific Grove, California. Contact Ron Trettau.

Club WECO-AT&T-Bell Labs-Lucent Technologies-Teletype-NCR-ALU. This group is intended primarily as a forum to connect (network) and maintain communication between past and/or current members. Contact Jim Simak.

eX TELETYPE is for ex-Teletype Employees to keep in touch. Teletype Corp. was located in Skokie, IL and Little Rock, AK. The Spring gathering of Teletype and Lucent people and friends was held on Tuesday May 10, 2016. . ..Contact John Furno.

lucent5-5 is for Lucent retirees who took the special 5+5 voluntary retirement on July 13, 2001 (or wish they could have!). Its purpose is to keep in touch, to help provide support for working with the Lucent Pension folks, and to talk about Lucent in general. To subscribe, send an email to

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