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Enrollment for Alcatel-Lucent Benefits and/or Medicare


» Changes to Social Security and Medicare Premiums
•  Retirees Medicare costs may go up more than Social Security increases
The news media reported last month that a typical Social Security beneficiary would get less than a $2.50 increase in monthly payments in 2017 and this will be more than taken away from some Medicare beneficiaries who will face sharply higher "Part B" monthly premiums next year. More from the NRLN at this link. Also, the Medicare deductible will likely increase in 2017 by as much as $40.

» Changes to State Help Programs
•  Retirees may lose a local help line to make insurance decisions.
The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to abolish the federal funding for the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). SHIP has helped older adults and retirees with decisions on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental Insurance programs.on a local basis. The exact date of this change is to be determined.

» Changes to Employer-Sponsored Medicare Advantage Plans
•  Alcatel-Lucent programs may cost more or cover less.

An April 4, 2016 CMS announcement contained significant changes to Medicare Advantage (MA) plan reimbursement policy. Plans, such as Alcatel-Lucent's, will receive less  money from the federal government to provide benefits. Anylysts report this reduction in payments may mean that in order to provide the same level of  Medicare advantage benefits as currently offered, employe/retirees may need to pay a higher premium or retirees may face benefit cuts.

    • Alcatel-Lucent offers a Medicare Advantage Plan with prescription drugs.
    • Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans are available at
    • If you find a better Prescription Drug plan, you can ask Alcatel-Lucent to replace their plan and still maintain the UHC PPO plan.
» Pre-Medicare comparisons available at
» Get Medicare help in your state. Look up Websites; phone numbers


To help in comparisons of Medicare choices 
Click here to download a checklist
Read all the mailings you receive from Alcatel-Lucent
»  Website information: 
ALU Mailing for 2016 plan Year (Fall 2015)
What's Changing 2016
Login for Downloads and Sign Up YourBenefitResources
UHC PPO & Other Mgt from YBR 2016 Benefits-at-a-Glance
Express Scripts Rx Plan Express Scripts Website
Benefits Center Phone(after Oct.5) 888-232-4111
For Medicare retirees, there are many commercial plans.
 »  Enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7
Medicare,Medicare Advantage,Rx Medicare&You 2016 pdf
CMS Medigap information CMS Medigap
Personal State Help Programs Websites; phone numbers Find plans & Rx Website
Medicare Phone 800-MEDICARE (633-4227)
»  Website information:
l The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides important options for pre-Medicare retirees
l You have until Dec.31 to review ACA options and cancel the Alcatel-Lucent plan if there is a better plan.
»  Be sure to check premiums, deductibles, maximum out of pocket and, possibly, subsidies available through ACA.
»  Be sure to check whether you  can receive a subsidy to lower your premiums and deductible costs. Visit
Be sure to ask your doctors and hospitals
whether they accept your insurance before you sign up.

Health Care Exchanges for Non-Medicare Retirees

 • Alcatel-Lucent's mailings have said:

" may elect to buy coverage through the health insurance marketplace...Many pre-Medicare retirees may benefit from the potential subsidy offered for marketplace coverage."
» Consumer's Report has an explanatory document on health care exchanges worth reading. Click here to download.
» The Kaiser Foundation has a calculator that provides an estimate of your subsidy if you sign up for healthcare exchange insurance. Click here to try the calculator.
» The official website that provides answers to your questions and your needs is

Other Places to Visit and Learn

»  Share experiences with other LRO members on the LRO Message Board
»  Ask us a question at

 What are your Medicare option in Addition to Medicare Part B? 

    • Option 1 :: Sign up with Alcatel-Lucent. Management retirees may select the health and prescription drug plans offered by Alcatel-Lucent - a Medicare Advantage PPO plan from United Healthcare that uses a network of providers, with options to use doctors and hospitals out-of-network. (In some areas only an HMO plan will be available). If you choose an Alcatel-Lucent healthcare plan, you must also include the Medco/Express Scripts prescription drug plan.

    • Option 2 :: Choose a commercial Medicare Advantage Plan. You can select a commercial Medicare Advantage plan with features similar to the Alcatel-Lucent plan. Alternatively, there are HMO plans with different features and costs.
    • Option 3 :: Choose a Medicare Supplement insurance plan (Medigap). You can choose to sign up for a Medigap Medicare Supplement plan to help pay many of the costs not covered by Parts A and B of the Original Medicare plan. Be sure to check whether you can apply WITHOUT a penalty for pre-existing conditions. Click to read the Medicare Medigap guide
» You may need to consider a commercial prescription drug plan. If you choose a commercial healthcare plan, you may need to consider signing up for a commercial Prescription Drug plan. See the [Drug Plans] link.  

This Website Helps you Find and Compare Healthplan Choices

» Step-by-step guide to finding health care choices. The web site link [Step1 - How to Find] provides downloads and instructions that can help you find current Medicare Advantage plans at and Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) at State Health Insurance web sites.

» Step-by-step guide to comparing health plans. The web site link [Step 2 - How to Compare]  helps you compare alternatives to the Alcatel-Lucent plan and the many marketplace plans. It provides ways to find and compare important criteria, like monthly premiums, deductibles, copayment, coinsurance and providers (doctors/hospitals).

» Prescription drug options.
The link [Step3 - Drug Plans] provides ways to compare various options for your Medicare prescription drug choices. Since the Alcatel-Lucent offer has a combined premium for health care and Rx plans, you'll need to know the alternatives to make a full comparison.

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Continuing changes in legislation and regulation may require retirees to revisit their decisions and possibly consider new Medicare options. If you have human resources experience, please join the Benefits Team and help your fellow retirees in these important decisions.

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